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Aggay Nyamainashe

Hi, I'm Aggay Nyamainashe. Welcome to my profile! I am seeking the position of Corporate Secretary in and around Milton Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Aggay Nyamainashe's Bio:

My name is Aggay Nyamainashe and I am seeking a position of  preparing Board work and or Corporate Governance in and around Milton Keynes.I was Corporate Secretary for  at least ten years. My notable achievement was leading an oraganisation with 7500 employees for six months after a three month strike action. I have recently chaired Boards of a start up and Charitable organisation on request and continue to have interests in them.

Aggay Nyamainashe's Education:

Aggay Nyamainashe's Interests & Activities:

Farming and Gardening and working with Charitable organisations

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